BGP border gateway protocol

BGT branch if greater than

BHI branch if higher

BHIS branch if higher or same

BI binary input

BIM beginning of information marker

BINAC binary automatic computer

BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain

BIOS basic input/output system

BIS business information system

BISDN broadband integrated services digital networks

BIST built-in self-test

BIT binary digit

BITBLT bit block transfer

BITNET because it's time network

BITNIC Bitnet Network Information Center

BIU bus interface unit

BIX byte information exchange

BIZ business

BKSP backspace

BL backlit

BLAST blocked asynchronous transmission

BLE branch if less or equal

BLER block error

BLK block

BLMC buried logic macro-cell

BLOB binary large object

BLOS branch if lower or same

BMI branch if minus

BMIC bus master interface

BMP basic mapping support || batch message processing program || bitmap picture

BNE branch if not equal

BNS backbone network service

BO binary output

BOB break-out box

BOC Bell Operating Company || basic operator console

BOF birds of a feather

BOM beginning of message

BOOTP bootstrap protocol

BOPS billion operations per second

BOS basic operating system

BOT beginning of table || beginning of tape

BP base pointer

BPB bios parameter block

BPDU bridge protocol data units

BPI bits per inch

BPL branch if plus

BPS bits/bytes per second

BR bad register

BRB (I will) be right back

BRGC binary reflected gray code

BRI basic rate interface || brain response interface

BS backspace

BSAM basic sequential access method

BSC binary synchronous control

BSCS Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

BSD Berkeley Software Distribution

BSF bit scan forward

BSI British Standards Institute

BSR bit scan reverse

BSS block started by symbol

BSY busy

BSYNC binary synchronous communications

BT bit test

BTAM basic telecommunications access method

BTB branch target buffer

BTC bit test and complement

BTOA binary to ascii

BTP batch transfer program

BTR bit test and reset

BTS bit test and set

BTW by the way

BU branch unit

BUAG big, ugly ascii

BUBL bulletin board for libraries

BUF buffer

BVH base video handler

BWM block-write mode

BYTE binary digit eight


CA collision avoidance

CACP central arbitration control point

CAD computer-aided design

CADD computer-aided design and drafting

CADE client/server application development environment

CAE client application enabler || common applications environment || computer-aided engineering

CAEX computer aided exploration

CAG column address generator

CAI computer-aided instruction

CAL calendar || computer aided learning

CAM common access method || computer aided manufacturing || contents addressable memory

CAMMU cache/memory management unit

CAN cancel

CAP carrierless amplitude and phase-modulation || central arbitration point || communication application platform || computer aided publishing

CAPD computing to assist persons with disabilities

CAPS capitals || cassette programming system

CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

CAS column-address strobe || communications applications specification || computer aided styling

CASE computer-aided software engineering

CASL crosstalk application scripting language

CASS computer assisted search service

CASSIS classified and search support information system

CAT computer aided testing || computer aided tomography || computer aided transcription

CAT SCAN computerized axial tomography scan

CATNIP common architecture for next generation Internet protocol

CATS computer assisted training system

CATV community antenna television

CAU controlled access unit

CAV constant angular velocity

CBC cipher block chaining

CBCR channel byte count register

CBDS connectionless broadband data service

CBEMA Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association

CBGA ceramic ball grid array

CBI computer based instruction

CBL computer based learning || cobol source code

CBMS computer-based mail system

CBR constant bit rate

CBT computer based training

CBW convert byte to word

CBX computer-controlled branch exchange

CC cluster controller || carbon copy

CCD charged-coupled device

CCFT cold cathode fluorescent tube

CCI common client interface

CCIRN Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks

CCITT Comité Consultatif Internationale de Telegraphique et Telephonique

CCL common command language || connection control language

CCP console command processor

CCR commitment, concurrency, and recovery

CCS common command set || common communications services || common channel signaling || continuous composite servo

CCSD cellular circuit-switched data

CD carrier detect || change directory || collision detection || color display || compact disk

CD-DA compact disk - digital audio

CD-I compact disk - interactive

CD-MO compact disk - magneto optical

CD-R compact disk - recordable

CD-ROM compact disk - read only memory

CD-RTOS compact disk - real time operating system

CD-V compact disk - video

CD-WO compact disk - write once

CD-XA compact disk - extended architecture

CDA compound document architecture

CDC Control Data Corporation

CDDI copper distributed data interface

CDE common desktop environment || complex data entry

CDEV control panel device

CDFS compact disk file system

CDIA certified document imaging architect

CDL computer design language

CDMA code division multiple access

CDMF commercial data masking facility

CDOS concurrent disk operating system

CDP conditional di-phase

CDPD cellular digital packet data

CDR call detail record || call detail recording

CDRL contract data requirements list

CDS current directory structure

CE cache enable || chip enable || collision elimination || convert enable

CEG continuous edge graphics

CEI conducted electromagnetic interference

CEMM Compaq expanded memory manager

CEMS constituent electronic mail system

CEOP conditional end of page

CERT computer emergency response team

CFB cipher feedback || configurable function block

CFM code fragment manager

CFR computerized facial recognition

CFS common file system

CFV call for votes

CGA color graphics adapter

CGE common graphics environment

CGI common gateway interface || computer generated images

CGS compact gateway server

CHAP challenge authentication protocol

CHAR character

CHAT conversational hypertext access technology

CHCK channel check

CHCP change code page

CHDIR change directory

CHFN change finger

CHGRP change group