RD receive data || remove directory

RDA remote database access

RDB receive data buffer || relational database

RDBMS relational database management system

RDCLK received timing clock

RDP reliable datagram protocol

RDRAM rambus dynamic random access memory

RDSR receiver data service request

RDTO receive data transfer offset

REC recreation

REG register

REGAL rigid epoxy glass acrylic laminate

REGIS remote graphics instruction set

RELSECT relative sector

REM remark || remote || ring error monitor

REN rename

REP repeat

REPE repeat while equal

REPNE repeat while not equal

REPNZ repeat while not zero

REPZ repeat while zero

REQ request

RES remote execution service || reset || resolution

RET resolution enhancement technology || return

REX relocatable executable

REXEC remote execution

REXX restructured extended executor

RF radio frequency

RFC request for comments

RFD request for discussion

RFI radio frequency interference || request for information

RFP request for proposal

RFQ request for quotation

RFS remote file sharing || remote file system

RFT revisable form text || rich text format

RFU reserved for future use

RGB red green blue

RI referential integrity || ring indicate

RIF routing information field

RIFF resource interchange file format

RIM remote installation and maintenance

RIME RelayNet International Message Exchange

RIP raster image processor || remote imaging protocol || routing interchange protocol || routing information protocol

RIPE Reseaux IP Européenne

RIPEM Riordan's Internet privacy enhanced mail

RISC reduced instruction set computer

RJ registered jack

RJE remote job entry

RL real life

RLE run length encoded

RLIN Research Libraries Information Network

RLN remote LAN node

RLOGIN remote login

RLSD received line signal detected

RLSI ridiculously large-scale integration

RLL run length limited

RM reset mode

RMA return material authorization || return to manufacturer authorization

RMB right mouse button

RMDIR remove directory

RMON remote monitor/monitoring

RMP remote maintenance processor

RMS record management services || root mean square

RMW read-modify-write

RN read news

RND random

RNG random number generator

RNP regional network provider

R-O read only

ROB reorder buffer

ROFL rolling on the floor laughing

ROL rotate left

ROM read-only memory

ROOM real-time object-oriented modeling

ROP raster operation || RISC operation

ROR rotate right

ROS read-only storage

ROSE remote operations service element

ROT running object table

ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing

RPC real procedure call || remote procedure call

RPG report program generator

RPL resident programming language || requested privilege level

RPN real page number

RPPROM reprogrammable PROM

RPQ request for price quotation

RPRINTER remote printer

RPT repeat

RQBE relational query by example

RR real reality

RRCP redundancy/redundant card or power

RS Radio Shack || recommended standard || record separator || request to send

RSCS remote spooling communications system

RSH remote shell

RSL request-and-status link

RSN real soon now

RSP required space character

RSRB remote source route bridging

RST reset || restart

RSTS resource sharing time sharing

RSX real time resource sharing executive

R/T receive/transmit

RT real time || RISC technology || run time

RTAM remote terminal access method

RTBM read the bloody manual

RTC real-time clock

RTDM real-time data migration

RTEL reverse Telnet

RTF rich text format

RTFAQ read the FAQ

RTFM read the fucking manual

RTL register transfer language/level || resistor transistor logic || right-to-left || run time library

RTM response time monitor || runtime manager || read the manual

RTMP routing table maintenance protocol

RTN recursive transition network

RTOS real-time operating system

RTP rapid transport protocol || real-time protocol || routing table protocol

RTS remote takeover system || request to send

RTSE reliable transfer service element

RTT round trip time

RTTI runtime type information

RTTY Radio Teletypewriter

RTV real time video

RUB router hub

RVA relative virtual address

RVI reverse interrupt

R/W read/write

RWM read-write memory

RX receiver

RXD receive data


SA selective availability

SAA systems application architecture

SADL synchronous data link control

SAINT symbolic automatic integrator

SAL shift arithmetic left

SAM serial access memory || sequential access method || single application mode

SANE standard Apple numeric environment

SAP second audio program || service access point || service advertising protocol || symbolic assembly program

SAPI speech application program interface

SAR shift arithmetic right || successive approximation register || synthetic aperture radar || segmentation and reassembly

SAS sales accounting system || single attached station || single audio system || statistical analysis system

SASI Shugert Associates system interface

SATAN security administrator tool for analyzing networks

SAVDM single application VDM

SB sound blaster || sound board

SBA scene balance algorithms

SBC single-board computer

SBCS single-byte character set

SBI sound blaster instrument

SCADA supervisory control and data aquisition

SCAM SCSI configuration automatically

SCAS scan string

SCB subsystem control block

SCC serial communications controllers || serial controller chip || synchronous channel check

SCCS source code control system

SCD standard color display

SCF system control facility

SCI science

SCLM software configuration and library management

SCM software configuration management || station class mark

SCO Santa Cruz Operation

SCOPE simple communications programming environment

SCP save cursor position || subsystem control port || system control program

SCR silicon controlled rectifier

SCRN screen

SCRS scalable cluster of RISC systems

SCSA signal computing system architecture

SCSI small computer system interface

SD send data

SD-ROM super density ROM

SD-STB streaming data strobe

SDA software disk array || source data automation || system display architecture

SDB symbolic debugger

SDD software description database

SDF space delimited file || space delimited format

SDI selective dissemination of information || single document interface || software development interface

SDK software development kit

SDLC synchronous data link control

SDM system development multitasking

SDMS SCSI device management system