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Diccionario de Internet (Fascículo VII)

Tags: Histórico
Eduardo Parra.

GIGO garbage in, garbage out

GII global information infrastructure

GIS geographic information system || global information solutions

GIS geographic information system

GIX global Internet exchange

GKS graphical kernel system

GL graphics language

GLIS global land information system

GLM general linear models

GMP global mobile professional

GMS global management system || global messaging service

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

GND ground

GNN global network navigator

GNU gnu's not Unix

GOSIP government osi profile

GOV government

GP gas plasma || general purpose

GPF general protection fault

GPI graphics programming interface

GPIB general purpose interface bus

GPL general public license

GPR general purpose register

GPS global positioning satellite/system

GPSS general purpose systems simulator

GPU graphics processing unit

GPV general public virus

GRE graphics engine

GREP global regular expression print

GS group separator

GSI general server interface

GSM global shared memory || global system for mobile-communications

GTE General Telephone Electronics

GTL gunning transceiver logic

GTO guide to operations

GUI graphical user interface

GUID global universal id

GVT global virtual time

GW-BASIC gee whiz basic


HACMP high availability cluster multi-processing

HAL hard array logic || hardware abstraction layer || house-programmed array logic || heuristically programmed algorithmic

HAND have a nice day

HBA host bus adapter

HCSS high capacity storage system

HCU home computer user

HD hard disk || high density

HDA head disk assembly

HDCD high definition compatible digital

HDF hierarchical data format

HDI head to disk interference

HDLC high-level data link control

HDR header

HDSC high density signal carrier

HDSL high-rate digital subscriber link

HDT host digital terminal

HDTV high definition television

HDVD high definition volumetric display

HDW hardware

HDX half duplex

HEMS higher-level entity management system

HEPNET High-Energy Physics Network

HERC Hercules

HEX hexadecimal

HFC hybrid fiber-coaxial

HFS hierarchical file system

HFT high function terminal

HGA Hercules graphics adapter

HGCP Hercules graphics card plus

HH hour

HIF hyper-G interchange format

HIFD high-density floppy disk

HIL human interface link

HIMEM high memory

HIPPI high performance parallel interface

HLCO high low close open

HLQ high level qualifier

HLS hue, luminance, saturation

HLT halt

HLL high level language

HLLAPI high-level language application programming interface

HMA high memory area || hub management architecture

HMD head mounted display

HMMU hardware memory management unit

HMOS high density metal oxide semiconductor || high speed metal oxide semiconductor

HMP host monitoring protocol

HOB high order byte

HOTT hot off the tree

HP Hewlett-Packard

HP-IB Hewlett-Packard interface bus

HPCC high performance computing and communications

HPDJ Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet

HPFS high performance file system

HPG Hewlett-Packard graphics

HPGL Hewlett-Packard graphics language

HPIB Hewlett-Packard interface bus

HPLJ Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

HPPA Hewlett-Packard precision architecture

HPPI high performance parallel/peripheral interface

HPR high performance routing

HPUX Hewlett-Packard Unix

HPW high performance workstation

HRG high resolution graphics

HRIS human resource information system

HRMS human resource management system

HRTF head related transfer function

HS high speed

HSB hue, saturation, brightness

HSC high speed channel

HSCI high speed communications interface

HSI hue, saturation, intensity

HSM hierarchical storage management

HSP high speed printer

HSSI high speed serial interface

HST high speed technology

HSV hue saturation value

HSYNC horizontal synchronization

HTH hope this helps

HTML HyperText Markup Language

HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol

HUT Hopkins ultraviolet telescope

H/V horizontal/vertical

HVP horizontal & vertical position

H/W hardware

HWCP hardware code page

HWD height-width-depth

HYTELNET Hypertext-browser for Telnet accessible sites

Hz Hertz


IAB Internet Architecture Board

IAC inter-application communication

IAG instruction address generation

IAK Internet access kit

IAL international algebraic language

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

IAP Internet access provider

IAT import address table

IAUP Internet user account provider

IBC instrument bus computer

IBCS Intel binary compatibility specification

IBM International Business Machines

IBM-GL ibm graphics language

IC input circuit || integrated circuit || interrupt controller

ICA intra-application communications area

ICAS Intel communicating applications specifications

ICB Internet citizen's band

ICCP Institute for the certification of computing professionals

ICE in-circuit emulator

ICI image component information

ICL interface clear

ICLID incoming-call line identification

ICM image color matching

ICMP Internet control message protocol

ICP integrated channel processor

ICR intelligent character recognition

ICS intuitive command structure

ICU isa configuration utility

ID identification || identifier

IDA integrated digital access || intelligent disk array || intelligent drive array

IDAPI integrated database application programming interface

IDC integrated desktop connector

IDCMP intuition direct communications message port

IDDE integrated development & debugging environment

IDE imbedded drive electronics || integrated development environment || integrated device electronics || integrated drive electronics

IDEA international data encryption algorithm

IDF intermediate distribution frame

IDI initial domain identifier

IDIV integer divide

IDL interface definition language

IDMS integrated data base management system

IDNX integrated digital network exchange

IDP initial domain part || Internet datagram protocol || integrated data processing

IDPR interdomain policy routing

IDR intelligent document recognition

IDT interface design tool || interrupt descriptor table

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEF information engineering facility

IEMSI interactive electronic mail standard identification

IEN Internet experiment note

IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

I/F interface

IFD image file directory

IFF interchangeable file format

IFG incoming fax gateway


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